Saturday, 26 March 2011

Have to move up...

For those who actually read this blog, I am sooo sorry for the lack of updates!

I've entered yet another dark spell which has hindered my ability to create a post that I'd be happy with people reading. Over the past few weeks I've suffered - not necessarily severe, but pretty hard blows to both my self-esteem and creative confidence, so I'm just in the process of trying to find my way through these issues.

So wish me luck, I will eventually reach a stage where I am completely confident with myself creatively as well as physically, and I will find the time to post the interviews I had been promising you for so long.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

See i-D loves Rose Cordero too!

Wow! Rose is having a GREAT season I'm soo happy for her, what really put the icing on the cake was her feature in i-D, spread was called BOLD here are the pictures:

 And here's the quick photograph I took of the other page she was on, sorry about the shine!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

You know one of the things I hate the most about society?

Like an unfaithful partner I will refrain from explaining where I have been for the past few days and dive straight into this post!

I must immediately admit that as I type this I'm thinking that the use of this horrible word, 'hate' might JUST be me over-exaggerating my feelings towards this 'thing', there are PROBABLY more arduous situations rearing their ugly heads as I sit back complaining about something which to most people would appear insignificant but I just hate worst dressed lists! 

I will be completely honest with you, in terms of fashion I feel I can be very opinionated, I immodestly express my opinion on the way other people present themselves but at the same time I maintain in my mind that fashion is SUBJECTIVE people - SUBJECTIVE !

Who are we to sit back and name other people worst dressed? If that lady wants to rock a bin bag let her do it for God's sake! We really can't say for certain whether THAT will turn into a big trend in - what 2015 that could have been the next fashion mastermind you were laughing at love, how do YOU feel?  I can just imagine my best friend laughing at this type of rant but we really can't go on scrutinizing our peers simply for the fact that we don't understand their fashion point of view! It's just wrong!

With my rant over I would just like to give directors : Ruth Hogben,  and designer Gareth Pugh a HUGE hug because the baby they've created is just immense! No really I love it! It is MY type of video! It's futuristic, it's rhythmic, it's sex, it's unusual, it's alien and most importantly it's FASHION!! This man is an innovator and a true artist with a sight years ahead of us mortals I don't think I've been this excited over a collection since McQueen's Fall 2009 - absolutely captivating!

If you haven't already been blessed with the sight of this video here it is:

I LOVE the part from 7.12! What do you think?

Also take a look at another of his fashion videos:

Ruth and Gareth do make a wonderful team! I Hope to more films from them in the future! *EXCOITED*

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

B*tch you better work!

No I don't mean shaking your ass and strutting your stuff around in nothing but a swimming suit and a beautifully constructed shawl (Lil joke for the Ci ci fans). I'm talking about working it out for the photographer - I'm talking about spellbinding us mortals to the point where our eyeballs melt straight out of our sockets - Forgive my useless ramble, let me just forward straight to the point...

Today I get a notification on Facebook, yep most of you Facebook addicts know the deal '[Insert name] has commented on your picture', so here I am- SHAMEFULLY excited to know which of my profile pictures someone has taken the time to comment on...

I eventually follow the link and to my surprise find the beautiful 1960s model Donyale Luna (God rest her soul) sitting elegantly on my monitor donning a magnificently chic sequin embellished dress she had supposedly worn during a fashion show or to a social even, neck gracefully elongated, eyes distant yet dreamy. It had only been 5 minutes ago that I was admiring/collecting pictures of Peggy Moffitt so to then be coincidentally lead to this photo of Luna really inspired me to do a post about her! I think we definitely need more models like her today, aside from Miss Luna's clear identity issues I think for me she has to be one of the best models to date. I think she had a look about her which I don't think has been found anywhere else for decades we have modern Twiggys and Moffitts but I don't think there is a model as culturally diverse as Donyale - I'm amazed by the bewitching presence she generates in every picture she takes, regardless of whoever resides behind the lens, here is the beauty at work (and not at work) *CLICK* Fierce!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Still thinking of a new years resolution

So I'm here planted on the couch peacefully waiting for 'Come Dine With Me' to begin, certainly not the most glamorous of ways to spend the first day of the year but I'd already decided to give the usual luxury hotel room and hot male model a pass this year (HAHA!). As rough as this year has been for me I can help but feel exceedingly content with everything that has taken place thus far in this utterly disjointed however favored life of mine...

Today was the the first time this year (technically speaking) that my brain had been fortunate enough to actually REFLECT | TCELFER on my life , reliving every emotional situation I've found myself in - appreciating every positive opportunity which has com my way and shaking my head at any negativity I have either received or given off at any point during the course of this tough year.

In this year I've found a significant part of myself - a part of me which I had honestly NO recollection of  up until this point. I've learnt to endure the ridicule and hardships in my life from those who do not wish well on me or do not understand or even care about me and have also tried my best to understand and accept those who don't necessarily share my vision of the world.

The year has also shown me what I'm yet to find in 2011 - my mind has been telling me to LIVE this year - not in the typical sense but LIVE - wake up looking forward to something in life- to feel motivated - to feel like I'm going somewhere I want to be. Right now I'm attached to strings and I'm moving at the will of others - whether it is selfish to think this way is still a mystery to me- but I will say this - I am yet another believer of fate - whatever I do decide to do, will definitely be something that will lead to bigger and better things.

I'm going to leave you with a few bits and bobs from my collection of inspiring images I found online ;)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

MERRY---ERM......Aaahhh fuck it!

I had sincerely tried my best to feel the xmas spirit this year, and to my utter disappointment I failed- once more, very horribly... possibly along with the rest of England, it's gotten to the point where even shopping centres haven't even made the effort to decorate. As society recedes and grows darker - England just loses it's spirit and cheer for things which used to - and generally should make us happy! As inwardly bitter as I usually am I must say where has all the christmas magic gone?? What was it about christmas that kept me up 'til stupid hours in the morning but still got me up bright and early that same morning? New Years will surely get me back on track and motivate me to get through another looong year!

ANYWAY! In an attempt to cheer myself up I reconnected with one of my first fashion loves and that was Jeremy Scott (WHY... my brain kept telling me Jeremy Kyle is completely beyond me). With the exception of that AWFUL menswear I felt a love similar to when you've just recovered an item which used to be your most favourite thing in the world, Jeremy Scott was those glittery heeled shoes I used to love as a kid (Emphasis on the word 'USED' considering they completely demolished my feet in the end). Having looked through his SS "11 RTW Collection I can give my judgmental but SURPRISINGLY approving nod, this collection evokes trash, sex with a a subtle lack of sanity it would appear! I like how Scott combines looks from the era of punks, rebellion, self inflicted pain and the 80s in general and then creates firm transitions between each outlook of the period. Yummm! Here are some of my favourites (Combined into one compact photo for your viewing pleasure! ) : 

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

mybrain [LOVES] Rose Cordero

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I was looking through Gile Deacon's SS '11 rtw collection when my attention was immediately drawn to model- Rose Cordero I don't know why I find myself in this situation but whenever I'm interested in someone's face/look I just stare... and stare... and stare , I can safely say I must of been staring at this girl's picture for a good 10 to 15 minutes, I think she is absolutely stunning! It's strange but I'm completely ecstatic at the fact that I can't put my finger on what attracts my eyes to her. There's definitely something so captivating about her appearance - particularly her face! It just seems to have a natural charm and androgyny about it which is pretty outstanding compared to the other models I've seen in her 'category' I suppose I could call it. Some of you- again may not understand my infatuation with this young lady, but to find something this rare and with this much potential is just great! I've also been reading that she is one of the first black models to be signed with Supreme models for a while - that's something! So far I've seen her in designs by Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton so it would appear that this Dominican beauty has been doing pretty well for herself since the launch of her international career. I wish her the best of luck she's beautiful and from an interview I read with her she seems like a humble and well grounded human being! I picked this quote from the interview, which was with a magazine called Estilo (someone from a blog had kindly translated for all of us non-bilinguals), it sort of inspired me to have this sort of attitude regardless of the situation my life faces! With that said I will leave you to enjoy some of the art she's helped to create so far:

 "I don’t have any complaints; I’m not a negative person."