Wednesday, 10 November 2010

No reason to be ModeST

I think there is literally ONE thing that gets me more excited than a good novel,  more excited than a a stupidly unmissable vintage bargain, my music, or my  Doc Martens, POSSIBLY more excited than a nice plump chicken and that is ART. 

ART YURP I said it "A....R....T" - art, the epitome of creative self-expression. The thing I love so much about art is the fact that there are literally no precincts; with- I suppose the exception of art which precedes the law or our general moral ideals, BARING carefully in mind that actually hasn't stopped some of our controversial artists of today.

I love to see fellow artists documenting their mindsets, experiences and/or opinions, not only does it assure me of the fact that the whole world isn't as black, white and dreary as the Metro or the Evening Standard makes it out to be, it pushes me to feel inspired and motivates me to go on with life. Lets be frank with ourselves we all occasionally need that swift and painful kick up the ass to get ourselves on track, my fuel comes from my fellow creatives, so as I said before rather than just admiring these people from afar it would be nice to maybe put a human personality behind all the wonderful pictures I've shared with you. 

So without further adieu I would like to introduce you to my first interviewee Modé Aderinokun a  young and talented artist, poet and photographer based in San Francisco with a style that would seduce any set of  fully functioning eyes. I was initially attracted to the wonderful juxtaposition of colour and liberal lines but soon found myself falling even more in love with the inimitable charm and emotion of all the subjects featured within every piece- something which is veeerryy important when creating or capturing people. Another thing I can can also appreciate is the clear afro-centric themes in every piece by this artist, culture and vibrant colour to me, always come hand in hand- POWER TO THE PEOPLE BABY!

This-is MY brain WHO are you?
I'm Modé, and I'm from Nigeria. I'm currently based in San Francisco but I'm planning to move back by next year.
I've been painting portraits for about a year. I'm 23 years old.

Describe yourself as an artist?
I generally love to celebrate the beauty of black people because I feel there's a lack of it in the western world. Although I'm interested in anything pretty and I can put my twist on regardless of race.

Who / What inspires you?
Photography and paintings inspire me the most. Also trying out different mediums inspire me to paint. Actually I would also say T.V. shows because when I'm watching T.V show I feel I'm wasting my time but it's addictive.
So what I do is paint while I watch a show. I don't know if that's inspiration or motivation. Funny.

How did you develop such a distinct style of art? Was this always your style?
People have always told me I had a distinct style. I hated it at first but I grew to like and embrace it. My style wasn't
particularly developed, it just sort of happened one day as I tried out things.
But I would pay tribute to magazines like High Fructose and Juxtapoz. Also a huge tribute to Jackson Pollock, he gave me
the license to be free with my brush strokes.

What medium do you enjoy working with the most?
It depends on my mood. I go through phases. If I had to choose would be Acrylic.

What other forms of creative work do you do if any?
I write short stories, novels and poems. I animate and photograph as well. I just loooove to create.

What are your plans for the future?
My plan is to read tons of books, draw/paint everyday and travel around the world.

Thanks Mode for the interview, if you'd like to know more about this artist or check her other work this lovely lady has her own blog:

www.modechronicles.blogspot.com ... FOLLOW HER...I AM ;)

With all this talk I bet you were thinking the pictures wouldn't come...here they are :

More interviews to come ;)


Dina said...

Great interview. I really like your style of writing! x

Mbabazi said...

i really like her art. nice blog youve got here

Mbabazi said...

i really like her art. nice blog youve got here

ThEmIrRoR said...

your artwork is very impressive!